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Stay one step ahead of the tax audit. A company tax audit is a service of a specific nature, aimed at examining and verifying in detail the legality of the company’s tax records. The essence of conducting a tax audit is to verify the legality and correctness of the company’s settlements, to identify possible risks. During the course of a tax audit, the audit team is able to recommend possible changes such as, for example, adjustment of returns or suggesting other solutions to avoid irregularities. The essence of a tax audit is primarily to increase the legal security of the taxpayer or those working for the taxpayer.

The subject of tax audit.

A tax audit primarily involves a comprehensive analysis of all source documents such as invoices, commercial contracts, registrations, records, returns or ledgers. Based on all tax documentation, the audit team analyses not only the documents themselves but also the billing system.

A tax audit also takes into account the entire structure and financial policies of the audited entity. Sometimes irregularities in billings may result, for example, from incorrect circulation of documents and transmission of information on the basis of which the documentation may be incorrectly booked.

Our accounting and tax team, carrying out a tax audit, analyses all the circumstances that may affect the billings of the entity. Therefore, to avoid unexpected disappointments during an accounting inspection, consider having your business tax audited.

As part of the tax audit, our team of Tax Advisors from Poznań also provides accounting advice on the basis of which you will be able to make appropriate decisions on your own. The review of all accounting records will result in the entire accounting division of the company, in all respects. The tax audit examines not only accounting documents, but also all organizational aspects of a company’s entire accounting department.

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Areas of the tax audit.

The scope of the tax audit always depends on the individual needs of the client. Both accounting and organizational aspects may be the subject of the tax audit. Depending on the order, the tax audit may cover various issues.

Tax audit with regard to tax liabilities

With respect to public law liabilities, our audit team can conduct an investigation into:

01. Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

In this respect, our accounting and tax team first of all examines all possible risks that may occur in a company. The complexity of corporate income tax can generate a number of accounting risks that should be noted. Among other things, our team of tax advisors and accountants examines issues such as transfer pricing occurring in transactions between related parties. Our accounting team scrutinizes this issue due to the fact that it is a major source of investigation during tax audits from the Tax Office. In addition, in the area of corporate income tax audit, our team focuses on issues such as withholding tax or cost accounting, which tax audits are often targeted at. To sum up, corporate income tax audit of a company is one of the main subjects of the tax audit.

02. Value added tax (VAT)

Value added tax is always one of the first points of a business audit. Due to the systematic attempts to seal the value added tax, the tax audit covers all possible risks in this respect. Our tax law firm in Poznań examines in detail the entire process of VAT settlement. The subject of the audit is never limited to the examination of the accounting documentation itself. Our team of tax and accounting advisors also analyses in detail all the organisational risks related to the settlement of VAT.

03. Real estate tax (RET)

In the area of real estate tax, our team of tax and accounting advisors focuses primarily on all risks associated with the settlement of public law liabilities under the Real Estate Tax Act.

Tax Audit in respect of other activities

A financial audit is not limited to the analysis of accounting settlements. Any decent financial audit should also cover areas such as:

01. Sales and purchases in accounting settlements

Any sound tax audit should examine a company’s sales and purchasing policies first and foremost. In the first instance during a tax audit it is the costs that are examined in detail by the tax authorities. In this respect the inspection bodies analyse in detail which costs can be excluded from tax deductible expenses, which directly translates into the possibility of tax overestimation by the inspection body. Thus, in terms of financial audit, first of all, the entire cost structure of the company is taken into account. The main objective of the audit is to determine whether there are risky entries as regards purchases that may be excluded from deductible expenses during an audit. Our team of accountants from Poznań conducting a company audit analyses all aspects related to the costs of the business. In addition, the revenues are also the subject of the audit. Revenues, on the other hand, are somewhat less scrutinised by the inspection authorities, while they are also within detailed scope of research.

02. Investments, marketing and advertising in accounting settlements

Another, and one of the last important, areas of a tax audit may be investments as well as marketing and advertising. These issues are also frequently examined in detail by tax authorities due to the fact that it is precisely in the area of investments that entrepreneurs show their creativity, sometimes also in terms of taxation. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the correctness of all investments in the company. In addition, marketing and advertising services by their very nature are very difficult to measure objectively and therefore the tax authorities examine this scope of work in quite some detail. Our team of tax advisors and accountants from Poznań will analyse all the above mentioned issues in detail. It will identify risks and makes concrete proposals for solutions.

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Result of the tax audit.

As a result of the tax audit, the client receives a reliable report detailing all potential risks. First of all, commissioning the Poznań accounting office to perform a financial audit is one of the necessary steps that must be taken to protect your business against unexpected surprises from the tax office. The tax audit is a wise step towards stabilizing your business.

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