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In our work we value the highest quality most. Theoretical knowledge gained during numerous professional trainings is supplemented by practice in cooperation with our partners. We are constantly trying to improve our qualifications, because we care about achieving the best results possible while performing the orders of our clients. Working in HR and payroll it becomes essential to keep your own financial and legal knowledge up to date. Our employees have the right qualifications to do the job effectively.

Payroll and HR service – why is it worth it?

Thanks to professional HR and payroll services, the costs associated with running a business will be significantly reduced. This is related to a lower workload for administrative staff. Outsourcing relieves the company of responsibility and timely delivery of documents.

Transferring the responsibility to an external company is very convenient and allows you to focus solely on the activities related to your own business. Another important aspect is that there is no need for regular professional training.

Every legal modification requires an update in the regulations and a revision of staff knowledge. By opting for outside services, this cost is not present in the accounting of a given company. By using outsourcing services, you can be sure that professionally qualified employees are up to date with current regulations and demonstrate the necessary knowledge. Then the employees employed directly by the entrepreneur perform their own tasks, avoiding HR and payroll work.

HR and payroll recruitment is also an important fact. Not only does it consume significant financial resources, it is also time consuming. Additionally, it is difficult to find a person with experience on the market, who will take effective action in the company without additional training.

HR and payroll services provide the necessary documents (employment contracts, employment certificates, salary certificates) in a timely manner and create the procedures necessary to run the business. This allows you to increase efficiency by eliminating the hassle of having to hire an additional professional for the duration of an employee’s absence.

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Human Resources and Payroll – proven specialists

As SAS TAX company based in Poznań we offer professional services. Our human resources department offers an analysis of the status quo, continuity of National Tax Information service, and rapid implementation of an efficient way to support employees. We also maintain all documentation in accordance with applicable laws. This ensures the security and comfort of your business.

By cooperating with us you will gain professional partners in Poznań who are specialists in human resources and payroll. We offer professional support in administrative processes. We are open to suggestions and always respect the position of the other party. At our company, we value constant access to our employees, so if you have any questions, our experts will provide the necessary assistance.

We are convinced that confidentiality is the most important feature of a good HR and payroll company, therefore each of our employees is obliged to comply with the confidentiality clause. This way, you don’t have to worry about sensitive data being spread around. In addition, we always assume responsibility before the authorities, which relieves you from long and problematic visits to administrative units and allows you to focus directly on your own business.

SAS TAX Poznań – czym się zajmujemy?

As an outsourced firm, we work with businesses to offer accounting services. We support both the human resources and payroll departments. Our professional HR services include:

1. Maintaining a complete employee personnel file, which is a requirement for an employer with at least one employee.

2. Preparation of documents establishing and terminating the employment relationship in accordance with applicable laws. These documents are a priority for us, as we are aware that they must be delivered to the company as soon as possible to allow the new employee to begin work.

3. Keeping an employee calendar with all necessary dates included. The calendar makes it easy to plan your company’s activities, respecting all important events.

4. Preparation of employment and salary records (salary certificates). We meticulously record every significant event that affects the business and work record of an employee.

5. Employment of persons under civil law contracts (contracts of mandate, contracts for specific work). With us, all employees will receive all necessary documentation in a timely manner.

6. PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons) declarations.

7. Handling of inspections of the State Labour Inspectorate and Social Insurance Institution. Thanks to cooperation with our company you will avoid visits to administrative units. We handle all matters related to state authorities on an ongoing basis.

The responsibilities of the payroll service department include:

1. Regular preparation of payroll from employment contracts based on current data.

2. Preparation of payroll from civil law contracts.

3. Preparation of monthly reports required by Social Insurance Institution.

4. Transmission of employee income tax documents to Tax Offices (PIT-11, PIT-40)

5. Performing a full-year tax calculation ( PIT-4R).

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HR, payroll SAS TAX Poznań – Contact us

As SAS TAX with its seat in Poznań we offer a full range of HR and payroll services. Our cooperation ranges from support in the recruitment process to preparation of required documents and HR services. We also calculate salaries, settle payrolls and create reports according to applicable standards. With outsourced hiring, you have the ability to manage your HR more objectively. We supervise companies from various sectors, so it is much easier for us to handle certain issues. Thanks to many years of experience in HR and payroll matters, we have comprehensive knowledge. The quality of our work is constantly verified, therefore it motivates us to comply with the rules and adapt to the applicable law.

Each specialist employed by us has appropriate education and training certificates. This way you can be sure that you are entrusting your company in good hands. You can use the time saved by outsourcing to develop your own business. If you do not want to struggle with problematic documents any longer, commission us to provide HR and payroll services for your company. Feel free to contact us, we will answer all your questions and recommend the best solution for your company. If you have any concerns or other issues that need to be discussed, contact our firm. We will do our best to provide a favourable proposal that fits your business and industry profile.

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