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The business reality can be wildly volatile. The ever-changing legal reality of tax laws requires an entrepreneur to constantly monitor all changes affecting their business. Nowadays, running a business without professional support of a Tax Advisor is in our opinion a risky activity. In the era of constant tax sealing, doing business without proper “tax” supervision can result in significant penalties. To counteract all this, a good solution is to use our Tax Advisory Services in Poznań.

Using our support, you can run your business with peace of mind and not worry about unplanned tax complications. Whether you need one-off assistance or are looking for permanent cooperation, our team of Tax Advisors in Poznań will help you wade through the meanders of tax legislation. As part of our services, we offer solutions for any project, idea or change you want or plan to make in your business. Thanks to our support, you will be sure that no tax obligations will surprise you, and this is the foundation for a developing and stable business.

SAS TAX Poznań – Tax Advisory Services

Cross-sectionally presenting our services in the field of Tax Advisory Services in Poznań we provide tax advisory services comprising VAT, CIT, PIT, civil law tax, Local  Taxes and Fees Act, Act on Inheritance and Donation Tax, primarily in the field of:

Analysis of tax consequences of contracts concluded, analysis of tax consequences of economic events and planned economic operations, support in establishing cooperation with foreign entities, tax audit, preparation of tax advice and less formal explanations on tax settlements, substantive support for accounting units of your company, support in filing appeals, complaints, claims, support during tax audits, representation before tax authorities, as well as before administrative courts of all instances, applying for individual tax interpretations, applying for an interpretative opinion of the CSO.

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Sas Tax firm from Poznań offers the following services in the field of Tax Advisory Services:

01. Tax consulting

Tax consulting includes broadly understood support during clarification of clients’ doubts concerning tax effects of economic events. Our team of Tax Advisors from Poznań also provides advice on future events, i.e. how to carry out a given business investment in order to make it the most advantageous for the client from a tax perspective. During the consultation with our Tax Advisor, every possible option for a given business investment will be explained to the client. If a client is interested in carrying out a given investment in his company, thanks to our tax consultation, the implemented investment will be optimal from the perspective of all tax obligations that are related to that investment.

02. Tax strategy planning

In addition to tax consultancy, our tax advisory office in Poznań helps to carry out individual investments in an enterprise. Our experienced team of Tax Advisors is also able to comprehensively develop a tax strategy for the entire company or even a capital group. In terms of tax planning, we take into account all the necessary issues to be analysed such as transfer pricing, MDR reporting obligations or withholding tax, among others. A comprehensive analysis of all possible areas of tax risks and suggestions of possible solutions to be applied will be the effect of creating a tax strategy, which will allow to easily design all areas of business in such a way that no unplanned encumbrances by tax authorities occur. A properly planned tax strategy also allows you to analyse all areas of your business for economic viability. On several occasions, we have had the opportunity to work with clients to develop their tax strategy and analyse individual areas of the business, and to spot non-tax savings which, in the long term, have proven to be innovations in their business. Therefore, a comprehensive tax strategy, in addition to securing the business, also gives the opportunity to see areas that can be improved organizationally, which in turn can translate into profits in the company.

03. Substantive support and assistance in case of tax audits

Tax audits are an integral part of running a business. Tax authorities are constantly inspecting business entities. When the inspection authority perceives that the inspected entity does not have a comprehensive economic strategy, does not have typical solutions in terms of tax settlements, it sometimes allows itself for an unjustified overinterpretation of the regulations to the benefit of the state budget. On the other hand, if the inspection authority sees that the audited company has systematized solutions for tax settlements, it is much more difficult for it to find irregularities on the basis of which it would be able to overestimate the tax. Therefore, our tax advisory office in Poznań offers support during tax audits. Our team of Tax Advisors substantively rebuts any attacks and arguments of tax inspection authorities. During inspections our firm acts to the benefit of the client, so that they do not have to fear excessive abuse by tax authorities.

04. Analysis of the company operations and determination of significant areas of tax risk.

Our firm also offers services in the area of tax risk analysis. This service consists in the so-called audit, a review of the settlement method of a given company. The reason for such an analysis is to indicate the areas of potential risks, as well as to identify possible irregularities. By indicating individual risks we determine the degree of their potential consequences. At the same time, for each risk examined we propose appropriate solutions to prevent its occurrence.

05. Advisory services on personal income tax (PIT)

Our Firm provides services equally for persons running sole proprietorship business settling accounts in a single-entry accounting system. In addition, we also provide advisory services to individuals who need to make international settlements due to having different sources of income in different tax jurisdictions. Our tax advisory services for individuals include single proprietorship businesses as well as individuals not conducting business activities.

06. Advisory services on corporate income tax (CIT)

We also provide broadly understood personal income tax advice. We advise companies as well as extended capital groups on tax settlements. Our experienced team of Tax Advisors specialises primarily in advising companies and capital groups.

07. Advisory services on Value Added Tax (VAT)

In today’s era of continuous VAT sealing, tax authorities are primarily focused on VAT control. To meet this challenge, our experienced team of Tax Advisors offers comprehensive advisory support in the field of Value Added Tax.

08. Advisory services on inheritance and donation tax

Our firm also provides advice on other taxes, such as inheritance and gift tax, among others. If you have received an inheritance or donation and are unsure how to properly report and account for it, our team of Tax Advisors can advise you on how best to resolve your issue.

10. Representation before tax authorities and administrative courts

As part of our offer, we also provide services related to representation before tax authorities and administrative courts. In a situation where the authority has overestimated the tax without justification, there is always the possibility to appeal to a higher instance or even to the Administrative Court. In such situations, our firm offers comprehensive support during disputes with tax authorities.

11. Preparation of tax advice

Within the scope of individual issues, our firm also offers tax advice on the basis of which the client will be able to make their own decision regarding the issue that concerns them. Each piece of tax advice is meticulously prepared by us. Each tax advice includes a detailed description of the facts as well as a factual and comprehensive analysis of the legal situation, which relates to the analysed issue. Based on our tax advice, you will be able to make your own decision about your tax obligations.

12. Preparing applications for issuing an individual tax interpretation

If a given issue requires confirmation by tax authorities, our firm also prepares applications for issuance of an individual tax interpretation, which, once issued, protects our client in case of a potential tax inspection. If you want to protect an event, our firm will prepare for you a request for interpretation, which will be a shield against unauthorized tax inspections.

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Do you need the help of an accounting firm?

Another question to ask yourself is whether you need the help of a professional when starting your own business. The fact is that an accounting firm will guide you through every step of starting your own business. By using the help of an accounting firm, you will definitely feel safer and more confident. Completing the necessary documentation and shipping will be in the hands of the Poznań accounting office, and you can focus on starting to develop your business. Nowadays, with such changing regulations, it is worthwhile to take advantage of the help of an experienced accountant. She will calculate the amount of VAT or ZUS contributions for you and will make sure that the official deadlines for filing SAF-T declarations and more are met. For that to take place, of course, it is necessary for a client to grant a power of attorney to represent them before the office.

Another advantage of cooperating with an accounting office is that they offer various software for a monthly fee, which makes keeping records of invoices or issuing them easier and more pleasant. The most important advantage of using the services of the Poznań accounting office is saving your valuable time and providing a sense of security, because you know that you can count on the support and advice of specialists.

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