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SAS TAX is an accounting office which has an extensive offer of services, including accounting services for companies regardless of the method of settlement with the Tax Office. We take care of proper functioning of the company, efficiency of business processes and correct billing. Our high-class specialists with always up-to-date knowledge provide comprehensive accounting services for companies. During conversations with clients each of our advisors uses simple language, devoid of incomprehensible specialized terms that could result in misunderstanding of the information provided.

Accounting can be complicated with ever-changing regulations, and ignorance does not absolve responsibility. A day is 24 hours long for everybody, and no one can run their business properly, spending extra time on billing. Thus it makes sense to use professional accounting and tax services.

SAS TAX – accounting

As part of accounting, we provide comprehensive services to companies in the field of:

  • keeping a revenue and expense ledger,
  • bookkeeping,
  • drawing up records of fixed assets and equipment, lists,
  • preparation of VAT registers and Standard Audit Files for Tax – VAT,
  • We prepare information and tax returns – PIT, CIT, DT-1, PCC, SD, local taxes, Central Statistical Office,
  • Social Insurance Institution settlements for business owners,
  • We deal with payroll calculation and settlements with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) regarding salaries and sick pay, family benefits, maternity benefits and parental leaves,
  • We keep records of flat-rate tax on registered income without deductible costs.
  • We deal with settlements with the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution. We keep the records of the value added tax. We handle employee settlements.

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SAS TAX is also an expert tax consultancy.

Moreover, our advisor will help you register your business regardless of the form of business you choose. They will advise on bookkeeping and how to settle accounts with the Tax Office. Additionally, they will provide your company with support in case of an audit by the Tax Office, help with PIT, CIT, VAT, DN-1 or DR-1 returns. They will provide guidance on VAT, civil law tax, inheritance and gift taxes or local charges. They will help analyse the provisions of agency agreement, commissioned sales agreements, barter agreements and cooperation agreements or service contracts.

We provide HR and payroll services.

We provide payroll services, including calculation of salaries, keeping full employee and benefit documentation. We keep accounts with the Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution and the State Fund of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON).

We handle employment contracts and civil law contracts, as well as possible State Labour Inspection and Social Insurance Institution inspections.

We prepare PIT11 annual declarations for employees, and we also settle annual tax PIT-4R.

SAS TAX – financial audit.

As part of our services, we conduct financial audits, which are primarily the basis for analysing the condition of the company. Compliance with current regulations and applicable standards. In the course of the audit, we will verify the correctness of determining the subject of taxation and the tax base, and we will monitor the correctness of tax settlements.

Thanks to the audit we will help to determine the degree of risk of development, new branches of the company, we will indicate possible threats. We will support you in undertaking solutions leading to upgrading of financial management of your company.

SAS TAX tax advisor also provides assistance in the preparation of appeals, interpretation of tax regulations or through cooperation during tax inspections and proceedings.

SAS TAX is convenient and time-saving on-line accounting.

In order to meet the entrepreneurs’ needs, we offer a solution that first of all saves their precious time. We have created an on-line accounting option. A virtual accounting office provides continuous and efficient record keeping without the need for face-to-face office visits. Transmission of invoices and other necessary documents takes place in the form of scans sent electronically through the “Customer Panel”. On the other hand, contact with your personal accountant is always available by phone on the phone numbers: 790 530 342 and 504 968 218, and by email at:

On-line accounting is just an ideal solution, enabling proper settlements with the authorities and allowing for huge time savings, which is so valuable for entrepreneurs.

SAS TAX – setting up a company.

SAS TAX professionals based in Poznań also help all persons who want to start business activity. They support in choosing the most advantageous settlement model, selecting appropriate Polish Classification of Activities (PKD) codes and arranging all formalities.

SAS TAX – services for a wide range of sectors.

Years of work, experience and training have given us extensive knowledge related to the specifics of running business in various sectors. As such, we provide accounting and tax advisory services to a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Shipping and transport. We provide services to shipping companies, transport companies, as well as those dealing with driver hiring.
  • Financial services, including financial and insurance brokers, and credit advisors.
  • Real estate industry. We provide services for developers, architects, as well as real estate agencies and offices.
  • We also serve sectors dealing with modern technologies such as websites, e-commerce and IT agencies.
  • Media, learning and entertainment sectors, including printing shops, advertising agencies, photography studios, dance, karate or language schools.

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Why you should trust us.

SAS TAX Polska is created by professionals who are experts in accounting and tax law. They are specialists who continuously undergo training so that they are always up to date with the constant changes in tax legislation. They are eager to share their knowledge, conveying information in an understandable way. They explain complex tax mechanisms.

We offer full accounting and payroll services. We are well aware of the responsibility placed on business owners and the constant lack of time. That is why we have launched an on-line office with a dedicated accountant.
A huge number of satisfied entrepreneurs have already trusted us. We can be proud of the “Expert Laurel” which is awarded by scientists of renowned Polish universities.

We exist to provide secure and comprehensive accounting for your business. We want you, dear entrepreneur, to be able to focus on developing your business and not on the complexities of tax law.

Behind the numbers there are people – talented, creative and entrepreneurial accountants. That’s why the development of your company is the most important for us. We know very well how much time and work this requires. Our role is to take the tedious billing obligation off your hands so you can devote more attention to the things that matter most to you. We are proud to make our contribution to your business and watch it flourish.

Our awards and insurance.

Lloyd’s Register
Quality Assurance

We are supported by an international institution operating in the field of certification of quality systems.


We are proud to be a family owned business, which faithfully illustrates our approach to our customers.

Our team is supervised by a tax advisor.

In order to ensure proper settlement of our clients’ tax obligations.

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