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By cooperating with SAS TAX you gain constant access to professionals in the field of accounting. We deliver all documents on time, as punctuality is of fundamental importance to us. We have many years of experience running businesses in many sectors. We try to approach each client individually, taking into account the needs and requirements of the company on an ongoing basis. We want each of our offers to be tailored to your business profile. For this reason, before starting cooperation, we try to obtain comprehensive information on the industry, number of employees and specific characteristics relating to a particular sector. This makes it easier for us to select a service package suitable also for an individual client.

On-line bookkeeping is a new technological solution that requires proper training and client familiarization. With this in mind, our staff provide the necessary advice and clarification on the necessary software. We keep expanding our own knowledge of on-line accounting services.

What are on-line accounting services like?

The system of operation of on-line accounting is similar to traditional accounting. The only difference is the sending of documents, which is done over the Internet. This gives you constant access to all forms.

Bookkeeping is essential to running a business.
On-line bookkeeping services work especially well for people who want more independence in running their business while reducing costs. With the help of intuitive applications you can fill in the documents yourself, accounting programmes are usually available in SaaS models, so the only action is to subscribe.

Then in a few steps you have to register and enter basic data. It is also important to accept the terms of service.

Online accounting applications offer:

  • calculation of contributions and tax liabilities,
  • analyses and report generation,
  • warehouse system operation
  • convenient revenue and expense ledger management,
  • creating databases,
  • generating accounting documents (invoices, bills, tax returns, insurance declarations).

Applications are also often associated with external applications that enrich the system with:

  • online banking,
  • calendar,
  • collection system.

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Why choose on-line accounting?

On-line accounting has many advantages. First of all, any matter can be handled remotely. It also doesn’t matter what time you complete your documents, as the system operates around the clock without interruption. On-line accounting services are cheaper than the classic form of bookkeeping. Personal information is very well protected. There are many security certificates that prevent the leakage of personal information. This way you can be sure that your identity and company details are guarded and no unauthorized person will find out about the financial situation of your business. Moreover, the applications are very intuitive to use. You do not need to have advanced IT knowledge to be able to use the software freely. Applications are available in every web browser, so there is no need to install the software and update it.

The accounting office constantly monitors changes in legal regulations and successively introduces them into the systems. Thus, with on-line accounting, you don’t have to be up to date with every provision that changes the rules of accounting for your business. When opting for on-line services, you can choose one of the many applications that support on-line accounting. When choosing particular software, the main thing to consider is:

  • methods and functions related to invoicing.
  • Calculation of contributions due to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).
  • Possibility of generating a declaration on the basis of automatic software calculations.
  • Keeping a register of employees and the possibility of generating civil law contracts and bills.
  • Option of constant monitoring of stock levels.
  • Transparency and readability of the website. Intuitiveness when it comes to operating the software is also of great importance.
  • Issues related to the price of the software, possibly the possibility of payment by subscription.
  • Accounting for company fixed assets and vehicle mileage records.
  • CRM – customer relationship management.
  • Clear overview of the company turnover.
  • Collection of data by means of Tax Identification Number [NIP].
  • Keeping full records of income and expenditures, together with a register of VAT sales and purchases. Using the system, it is also possible to make adjustments in accounting.

For whom will on-line accounting be the best solution?

On-line accounting is definitely the future of many companies not only in Poland but also worldwide. With the advancement of technology, there are more and more opportunities to move certain things into the on-line realm. On-line accounting in its current form is mainly dedicated to small businesses. This form of business accounting will prove to be effective due to its low cost. This applies primarily to businesses using simplified accounting based on the flat tax rate method or keeping a revenue and expense ledger. In such cases, on-line billing generates many opportunities.

It is worth noting that there are many web-based programmes available on the market today for larger, more sophisticated businesses as well. However, larger companies prefer to do their own bookkeeping in the traditional form. If you run a larger company and would like advice on how to implement technological solutions, feel free to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.

SAS TAX – advantages of cooperation within on-line accounting

On-line accounting is a new business solution that is primarily dedicated to smaller companies. Professional software enables:

to use off-the-shelf accounting solutions i.e. revenue and expense ledger, records of revenues and e-declarations.
Sending e-declarations and JPK_V7 reports.
Integration with your own calendar. The smart system will remind you of all important events, with a special focus on business meetings.
Integration with on-line banking. Thus, the system allows to import statements accounting for posted invoices.

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